Sunday, May 4, 2008

My Son and I

A few days ago, my son who is soon 11 an I went for a walk in the woods behind our house. Not too far there is a waterfall, which not that many people knows about. Our secret place. The weather was wet, but we had a good time. Here are my son and me; we took pictures of eachother.

I also promised my son to show you some of his crafts projects. He now knows how to knit, crochet and tye; poor boy.. Some of the projects he also made at school, e.g the wood projects. I took time off my job in engineering to assist the teacher to teach the 20+ kids to knit, the red mouse was the end product at that time.

A new post will come shortly, almost done with my next quilt. It is a tied scrap quilt. Drop by again!

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