Monday, August 25, 2008

Tied Comforter

Another quick project is finished. While shopping for fabric in the US this summer, my son decided he wanted a comforter for when he was playing his PS2 games. He picked out the fabrics himself. The "hot" front fabric is cotton purchased at WallMart in Eau Claire, WI, and the backing is a "cold" flannell purchased at Ben Franklin in Chippewa Falls,WI. The quilt is tied.

The project is low-cost. I visited Katrines Quilestue in Oslo, Norway this weekend. A wonderful place, with very helpful ladies. A must for a quilter to visit. But NOT low-cost... Another project is waiting in line, I have quite a few now. I am also going to a embroidery class next week. with Bente Tufte, arranged by my local quilt group, Sølvtråden Lappelag.

A quilter is never bored!

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