Sunday, April 11, 2010

I am so proud!

My quilt "A lovely foursome" is inspired by Judy Martin's quilt "Loveland Log Cabin" in her book "Judy Martin's Log Cabin Quilt Book". On her home page, she posts photos of quilts  made by viewers. I sent a picture of my quilt, not really expecting anything. Then I got this mail, from Judy herself:

Hi, Mona,
What a clever variation! I love the way the background logs form chevrons where they meet. Great colors, too. My readers are going to love your quilt. We'll email you when we have had a chance to post your quilt online. Thank you for sharing.

Judy Martin
And today I got another mail from Steve that my quilt is available online. I am so proud! Take a look at the page!


Anne-Grethe said...

Så flott da, gratulerer! :-)
(Den var veldig fin også, da - vel fortjent omtale!)

Lise said...

Så gøy! Den quilten fortjener positiv omtale.

Lappedamen said...

Gratulerer, Mona. Det var hyggelige ord.