Monday, January 3, 2011

Checkered Placemats

 I can now hand sew again after surgery, had a part of a stich in the wrist left behind, removing it made a big difference, even though it was only 5 mm long. Finishing some quilting projects; binding is comming on! First to get done are these two checkered placemats. A very beautiful pattern/picture fabric requires a simple patchwork. But this is getting a little boring. I need a challenge, but first I will finish a few bindings!

Some ambitious goals for 2011:
  • try to purchase only fairy plain fabric in beautiful colors and all shades.
  • no purchase of new yarn before at least one project is finished
  • not start a new project unless I finish another one (quilting and knitting)
  • improve my quilting skills
  • know what to do with the finished project before starting them
  • set up as a ravelry designer
  • have one quilting pattern published
  • sell a large quilt
  • have one knitting pattern published
  • host my first giveaway or do something to get more blog readers. Get spellchecking working.
  •  PLAY MORE MUSIC : First pick for playlist: Ambitions with Donkeyboys

1 comment:

Mimi said...

I love placemats at my table and yours are simple but very nice!! Happy to hear you are on the mend.