Sunday, March 22, 2009

My Hawaiian Vacation

This quilt is my original design, but with inspiration from the book Positively Pinapple.
The quilt represent a dream come true. I visited Hawaii in 1991, and the colors are from the Hawaiian nature. Blue is the ocean, the red is the colors of the sand and mountains. The green is the vegetation which was faboulusly green and the yellow/orange is the sun and moon. Hawaii is an island, the frame. I did not like pineapple before, but I got it served for breakfest every day, and that was faboulus, freshly picked.

I entered the quilt in the Norwegian Quilting Association annual competetion, but that was not a sucess. The jury did not like the frame, especially the blue fabric I used.
But someone in the jury liked it a lot too! At least, my quilt gave the competetion a dash of color!


Country Lou said...

I think that jury has been somewhat blind for not recognizing the gorgeous beauty of this quilt !
It's so amazing !!

Hanne said...

Hi Mona :-)
I think your quilt is lovely, as is your choice of colours.

I think we have a job to do, to make our quilt assosiation recognize traditional quilts to be as good as and equal the art ones.
I hope you have not been to discouraged by the jury.
I am meeting with some other quilters tomorrow, and I hope you don't mind me mentioning how your quilt is juried ?
I firmly think we need 2 juries - one for open class and one for traditional!!

Hanne said...

PS. I really think the blue fabrics adds more interest to the quilt - again in my not so humble opinion !!

Gina said...

Stunning colours! Beautiful work.
That jury were having a 'blue' day not recognising the beauty of this vibrant culture (Hawaii)!

M. Regina said...

For me, it's amazing. Pretty colors.Hugs