Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Wolf Forest Quilt

This quilt is based on the pattern "Moose Lake" by Roxane Hepker from the July 2009 issue of The Quilter. (Related free patterns)

I replaced the moose with wolves. This wolf fabric was purchased at Hancocks Fabrics.

I then decided that the wolf fabric was too "cold", so I braught in the burned orange fabric "to make a fire". The remaing fabrics where selected based on the existing colors. These additional fabrics was purchased from Elly's Shared Sheep in Chetek, Wisconsin.
The quilt is custom- quilted by Janet in Bloomer, Wisconsin. It has different sized leaves and trees. (which is hard to get good pictures of). I am very prowd of this quilt, the only thing I would change now is the odd size of the quilt...

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