Friday, September 25, 2009

Moose hunting in my garden!

With fall comes hunting season.
This morning I woke up by elk hound barking in my garden. This is what I saw out of my bedroom window, two mooses and a dog by their feet! I tried to call for the dog, but he ignored me of course. I have not heard any gun-shots yet, so lets hope they survive the day.

My husband suggested that I let my cats out to distract the dog... Very funny. As appreciation for not being used as dog bait, Harry, one of my cats, joined me for breakfast instead.
Last weekend we had the last moose steak in the freezer from last year for dinner. I assume there will be possibilties for freezer refills soon.

1 comment:

Country Lou said...

Nooo, the poor cat !!
Yours is adorable!