Thursday, May 6, 2010

Bernina BSR foot problems

I love my Bernina sewing machine and also the BSR foot. But a while ago (actually only 2 days after my local Bernina dealer went out of business) it started to fail, it stiched a few stiches then skipped a few and so on. On internet I found a discussion on a similar problem. A Bernina Tech explained that the springs on the earlier versions of the BSR foot is too week, and should be replaced. The new springs are dark in color.

I sent a mail to the Bernina importer. A week or so afterwards, I called since I did not get a response. Then there were a lot of mails back and forth, where they asked questions that where impossible for me to answer. Amongst others, they needed the version of the software. I asked how I can find this, but then you needed to be certified to go into the menu to find this. I was getting really upset, since I am a computer engineer are fully capabale on both hardware and software issues. My issue was then transferred to a different person. Here I was given two options; either send the sewing machine in for service in the mail (a Bernina is VERY heavy, this would be very prizy), or drive the machine to the nearest dealer, which would be at least 4 hours in the car.

At this time, my hubbie was stuck in Los Angeles due to the airplanes being on the ground (ashes from Icelandic vulcanoes). He went into a Bernina store, and purchased a new spring for 93 cents (about 5 norwegian kroner).  Took him 2 minutes tops.

Upon his return we replaced the spring, and the BSR now works wonderfully. I have informed the norwegian dealer about this. They now say that they have received information from the factory about the spring problem, and they will try to replace the spring if they get more reports on this problem.

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