Saturday, October 13, 2012

Vognteppe "Teddy Baby Twister"

My old Teddy has seen better days... He probably lost his arm after me pulling him with me everywhere as a little girl.. Sawdust is comming out of his feet too.  Poor thing.
We do a lot of walking here in Norway, and put the baby in the carrige. This "Vognteppe" is sort of a bedspread for the carriage. The size is 72 x 55 cm. (approx 28 x 22 inch). The "vognteppe" is made by using the Lil' twister ruler with 48 5 inch blocks, twisting pinwheels. The quilt has a light blue fleece backing, soft and snug.

This "vognteppe" is for my sister's daughters baby who is due to arrive in december. I am so exited about the baby to come into the family.

This carrige and picture is from Emmaljunga.

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Grete said...

Nice "vognteppe" and nice looking foreward to a new little family member! I really like your blue "lue" too!