Monday, November 26, 2007

Log Cabin Class

by Eva S. J. and Kongsberg Sysenter. Thank you for another great class! My results from participating in the class is:

Traditional Log Cabin

The quilt was inspired by Tove Fevang's book "Lappeteknikk Slik gjør du det".

ISBN 13: 978-82-02-23238-2
"Veggteppe med 16 Log Cabin blokker", page 48.
The book was a christmas present from my parents last year.
Dark fabrics was purchased from the "Lunt & Godt" shop in Gol.
Light fabrics from Panduro Hobby in Sandvika.
Some scraps from earlier projects.
Somewhat inaccurate result, possible due to
- cutting too quickly/inaccurately
- a quick sewing techniques
- and me workig too late at night?

Tried to make feather quilting, not successful, ended up machine quilting instead.
I need a class! I am pleased with the overall result, and have some useful experiences for later projects.

Table Runner
Crooked Log Cabin

Pot Holder
Quilting on paper templates

Here I ended up making a heart instead of a log cabin. It was a revelation to try quilting on paper, I have not before understood how this is done.
My experience so far says that it is to be preferred when you have small fabric pieces to work with.
I also was recommended and purchased at ruler called "Add-A-Quarter", it was very useful for this teqnique.
The heart pot holder was named "Aunt is thinking about you" and sendt as a gift to my sister's daughter, who recently left the nest.
Due to my color selection, it turned out to be more a picture than a quilt.

The cristmas fabrics in the last two projects was purchased from Kongsberg Sysenter and some scraps from earlier projects.

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