Sunday, September 18, 2011

Celebrate Christmas Quilt-Along Week 1

This is my first quilt-along. I like it so very much, but I think it will stress me a bit, but also push me to do new blocks and styles. I have so far done everything from stashed fabric.
The first block (top left); I liked a lot, but I might have to add something more to it to "soften" it up.
In block two (top right) I made  the "bow-tie" blocks in a different way than the designer, see below.
In the last block it was supposed to be a stichery, but I have problems with man hand, so I chose to modify the block here too and use a print in the middle.
(The "black" in the picture is dark green.)

If you want to piece parts of the block "Santa's Mittens" here is how:
Picture 1:
Cut 2 squares 3 *3 inches, one in each color. Cut them in half diagonally.
Picture 2:
Make the block by placing the triangles into a new block with the straight corners in the middle.
Picture 3: Attach 2 and 2 blocks. Attach the resulting 2 blocks, see picture.
Picture 4: Trim block down to 3,5 * 3,5 inch.
Make 4 blocks. Cut 4 additional (white) blocks 3,5 * 3,5 inches. Piece block as indicated in the design.


Grete said...

Så fine blokker! Og du skal lage tre blokker hver uke! Høres ut som noe stress, men blir spennende å se alle blokkene!

Mishka said...

Mona, thanks for posting the instructions for piecing those units. I added a link from my page to yours, in case others want to do the same.

Your blocks are looking great.


Sandi Linn Andersen said...

I love the white snow looking fabric that you are using. They all look great together! I am always a bit challenged by triangles. I keep thinking that the longer I sew, the easier they should get. Not always true. LOL!