Thursday, January 10, 2008

Northwoods Crossing

This set; a wall hanging and two pillows, is based on a flanell panel called "Northwoods Crossings" by Holly Taylor, for moda. The fabric was purchased from Elly's Sheared Sheep at 603 2nd St Chetek, WI 54728. Phone (715) 925-9276

The set is a gift to my sister 10 year old son, who just had his room redecorated. He is an outdoor type, and he was pleased with the gift!

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Lesa said...

I have had a small collection of Northwoods Crossing hidden away and now I want to make a quilt but had I known then what I no now I would have bought it all. Is there any one who can tell me where I can find more of the Northwoods Crossing I need panels and additional fabric?