Sunday, February 10, 2008

More baby socks and a quilting UFO

I have now knitted 9 pairs of baby socks for the local hospital (see earlier post).

The picture above shows the last three. I have used a yarn called "Baby Ull" from Gjestal spinneri. The knitting pattern is from the book 0105 Sandnes mandarin petit no 9, pattern 1G. The silk ribbons made them look so much better! I have since then started knitting a new afghan, called Fisherman using flecked light brown yarn. Picture will come when I get done.

I also have a UFO(Unfinised Object) which is causing me some headaches. It does not seem to come together correctly. I have started to handquilt, but there are to many wrinkles in the fabric. Anybody have some advice for me?
I am planning to make some pillows from the scraps too.
I will post a picture with pattern info and so on when I get done.

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