Thursday, April 10, 2008

NQF's 20 Years Anniversary

Last weekend I participated at The Norwegian Quilting Association 20 years anniversary. I had a wonderful time, the best! Both the exhibition, the classes/speaches and the shops were wonderful, a quilter's dream come true!

I did not win in the block lottery, but maybe next year?

At the shops I bought some fat squares, and a roll of fabric (green) to be the back of a scrap quilt comforter I am working on. I wish I had bought more fabric rolls, it was so cheap. I can not remeber the name of the store that sold these rolls of fabric, if I did, I could contact them again.

Finally, I bought from Jordbærstedet my first pattern and tools for stichery/broderusk, see picture! The pattern was recommended by a fellow quilter in a Trådsnella thread.

I will return next year! Thank you to the arrangement commitee for a job well done!

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