Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Sneak Preview

This was a sneek preview on my current quilt work; work title "Pineapple Dream". Paperpiecing. The paper pattern is from the book "Positively Pinapple" by Lynda Milligan & Nancy Smith. The design is inspired by this book, but not a copy of a specific design.I am playing with the idea of entering a competition with this quilt, but I am not sure.

I have just finished the historical novels by Wilhelm Moberg, "Utvandrerne" og "Innvandrerne". They tell the story of a swedish family leaving a very hard life in Sweden, immigrating to Minnesota to start a new and challenging life. The books are available in many languages and is recommended.

I am very fascinated by this time period, amongst others due to my family history. My great Grandmother Lydia emgigrated, leaving my grandfather to grow up with her sister. He was born outside of marrige. He had a hard time with his history this the rest of his life. She married a man in Iowa without having met him and started a new family. She was joined by other sisters who also emigrated; Kristine and Karoline. I am still in contact with some of their decendants, and I have visited them and they have visited me.

Note! The latest issue of Quiltemagasinet (Nr 5/08) is a very good issue! Lots of good projects.


Country Lou said...

Thanks Mona for sharing with us your family history, very fascinating.
I look forward to see your new colorful amazing quilt you're sewing.

Anne-Grethe said...

Blir spennende å se etterhvert som ananasen vokser frem... Du legger vel ut nye bilder underveis? :-)