Sunday, October 5, 2008

Mona's Cable Scarf

The scarf has 36 stiches, and the yarn and cables as on the pillow I made eatlier, see instructions. If I should knit this scarf again, I would have started with a cable, it now curles up on the sides. Thanks to my husband for being a model. This scarf could be a good present for a man, since he did not object too much...

Another preview of the Pinapple Dream:
I am now done with the 36 blocks, and have picked off the paper. Piceing them together.Adding a frame and quilting still to come,unsure how I will do that, but it will come to me!

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Lappedamen said...

Dette blir lekkert Mona, gleder meg til å se det ferdig. Akkurat slike farger jeg liker. Synes absolutt du skal delta i den konkurransen du snakket om tidligere, i allefall hvis det er NQF 2009. Lykke til.