Sunday, August 29, 2010

A Fall Feeling!

I got a fall feeling today, the leaves on the birch trees in my garden is turning yellow. While waiting for my hubbie finishing the Birkebeiner race (The world largest off road bike race) yesterday, I got very cold and wet and muddy.
I have now started to light candles on the fireplace every night too. The fall  feeling is here!

I have finished two table cloths. The fabric; "Gold trimmed Leaves on Cream" was so beautiful that I did not want to cut into it at all.  The fabric was purchases at Hancocks Fabric in Woodbury (St.Paul), Minnesota.
Farbric: Hi-Fashion Fabrics, Patt. # HF - CM 8162.

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Catswhiskers said...

ahhh... It is so nice... candles, soft warm chair blanket, cup of tea... and planning the new craft project. This fabric is soooo cute!
I love it.