Saturday, October 23, 2010

Giant Cinnamon Roll

Last summer I visited "The Machine Shed" restaurant, where cooking is based on timeless traditions.

I picked up this faboulous cookbook "Now that's cookin'"from the resaurant. Today I made a version of the Giant Cinnamon Rolls slightly adapted to norwegian products. It was a big success!



Catswhiskers said...

It looks so delicious...
I'd love to taste it. I love cinnamon.
Enjoy it

Doreen , Houston, MN, USA said...

That looks wonderful! I was unaware of that place! My mom lives less than 10 minutes from there and I just paid her a visit 2 days ago. Will have to make it a destination the next time I journey up there to my favorite quilt shops (and, of course, to visit Mom!:-).

Lappedamen said...

Dette så farlig godt ut. Lenge siden jeg har vært på besøk hos deg, beklager det. Har jobbet intenst med resteteppet til søsteren min. Hun ble veldig glad for det.