Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Wishing all my blog friends a Merry Christmas!

On the needles right now is Julekuler made with yarn: Brazilia Lamè by Schachenmayr purchased from a local yarn shop called Ullrik. The yarn has a gourgeous sparkle. They will look like snowballs and can be used after christmas as well. I will show you later!

Have you seen the candy cane loop that KnitNetty made for her Julekuler? A good idea!


knitnetty said...

God jul til deg og dine også :)

Og tusen takk for koselig julehilsen. Jeg ble så glad (Erik også) :)

marian said...

Oh how I would love to make these 'julekuler'! Pity I don't understand Norwegian and I read the book doen't come out in English until june 2011. I'll save your pattern til then! Thanks for sharing!
PS I have been looking on the internet for patterns to knit christmasbaulbs and found one I tried out, just have a look at my blog if you're interested.