Saturday, April 23, 2011

Frame for "Sorry Jane"

I lost my inspiration to work on my Dear Jane quilt. I guess I need more instructions on the techniques that can be used. So now I put the few finished blocks (that I of course still think is beautiful) together as a small wall hanging. But I want to make a small frame. Thinking deep red binding, like in the front middle block.
Do you have any suggestion for a fairly narrow frame?
(If I use your suggestion I will contact you and send you a little surprise in the mail.)


Anne Ida said...

It will be a very sweet little wall hanging, and it is a great way to use your DJ blocks!

Hmmmm... border suggestion.... How about a sawtooth edge in red and grey? Perhaps with white squares in the corners... Just a thought at the top of my head...

Anonymous said...

The simplest thin frame you can make is a welting strip between the border fabric and the binding. Cut a strip 1" wide x the perimeter of the piece. Iron in half longways (just like making binding). Baste down raw edges along quilt's outside edge. Attach binding on top of welting.

Well, assuming you are making a 1/4" wide finished binding ... you will then have a neat 1/4" wide red (for example) welting strip just inside the binding

Email me if this makes no sense:)


knitnetty said...

Det samme skjedde med meg og min Dear Jane! Den ble satt sammen til et konkurransebidrag til NQF for noen år siden ;)