Saturday, April 2, 2011

Inspired by Setesdalskofte

I just wanted to show you this norwegian knitted jacket called "Setesdalskofte" that I knitted for my husband a long time ago. It is knitted in cotton, but is traditionally done in wool. This is, I think, the most common mens knitted garment in Norway, and I love it with the red ribbon.

I have finished two quilting projects lately, but can not show them off yet, trying to get their patterns published in magazines.

Have a wonderful springtime!

Added later:
Gudveig, who is a local to Setesdal, has been telling me that this is not the ribbon that is the orginal to this garment. If you are interested in the original design, see here and here and here. A book on the subject is: "Lusekofta fra Setesdal: setesdalskofta i strikkehistoria" by Annemor Sundbø.
An emroidery kit for the ribbons can be purchased from Annemor's site or from Setesdal Husflidsentral.