Thursday, September 22, 2011

Free Pattern for Georgia Orange Dishcloth

Last summer we drove from Miami, Florida and all the way to Eau Claire, Wisconsin. We had a great time. When travelling I always bring a small knitting project, when its summer I prefer cotton yarn.
I made up a new pattern when driving through Georgia. The peaches and oranges were the inspiration.
Here is the pattern (made with Sugar'n Cream Cotton, Candy Colors):

Cast on 42 stiches, needle 5 mm or US 7.
1 row:Knit
Pattern to repeat: (yo, K4, K2tog in back, k2tog in front, K4, yo)
2 row: slip 1, k1, pattern, k1, pattern,k1, pattern, k2.
3 row: slip 1, k1, purl until 2 stiches left, k2.
4 row: slip 1, then knit
Repeat row 2-4 until desired size of dishcloth.
Cast off after a 4th row in pattern at the same time as you knit:
Slip 1, K5, (k2tog in back, k2tog in front, k9) twice, k2tog in back, k2tog in fron, k6.

During the trip I also made other dishcloths.

My experience from the last years is that Sugar'n Cream cotton yarn is a good yarn to knit with, but does NOT keep the color well when washed. So now I have tried to use Lion Cotton also.

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Grete said...

Så fargerike og fine kluter! For fine til å brukes, synes nå jeg!