Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Trippleberry Snuggler Tutorial

Here is my pattern published in the "Norsk Quilteblad" #3 2011.
Finished size: 48 x 76,5 inch.
You need:
1 Hoffman Bali Pops (Mulberry) Fabric Strips   (40 flavors, 2 ½” x 44”)
2 1/3 yd dark background fabric for sashing, border, and binding.
3 ¼ yd backing fabric
Batting and quilting thread.
Sort the fabric strips in 3 piles, based on shade (light, medium and dark).

Sew together 1 strip from each pile.
Cut each tipple strip into 6 ½ “ blocks
Cut each block diagonally from top left to bottom right corner.
Take 4 triangles of different colors, and place with straight corner in the middle.

Sew together the triangles. Chain sew the two halves together. (I did not cut them apart yet, so I kept the four triangles together)
Press open, fold towards the long strip.

Cut the thread between the two halves. Pin together the two halves by setting a pin in center first, then pin generously on each side. Sew and press.
Cut the blocks down to 8 ¼ x 8 ¼ inch. Align the 45 degree line on your ruler on the middle line of your block as on the picture below.

(You might be able to make 8 ½ squares, but the pre-cuts are sometimes slightly off in size. By cutting them down a quarter, you are guaranteed a good result.)
Now, let us start the assembly. Cut 2,5 inch strips of the background fabric, and cut them in 8 ¼ inch pieces. Attach them to one side of the block.
Then sew five blocks together, three with strips in the middle and two without on each end. Cut strips of background fabric 37 ½ * 2 ½ inch, and sew a strip between each row.

When attaching longer strips, I usually measure the background fabric to make sure I don’t stretch it, like this
The quilt top has 4 times 7 blocks. 

Cut border in the dark background fabric; 6,5” wide, 6 strips. Sew 2 times 2 together. Attach 1 strip on top and one on the button. Attach the long strips on each side like this.

  Backing is cut in two lengths and sew together diagonally

Layer and baste your quilt.
Quilt as desired. I have done three patterns, one pattern on the shashing, one pattern on the  blocks  and one on the borders.
For binding I used is 2 inch wide, cut 7 strips. Sew together in one long strip. Put the binding on and you are done!

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If you make this quilt, I would love to see the result!!
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