Monday, July 2, 2012

Free Pattern for Laura's Table Runner

This is a free tutorial for personal use only.
The pattern requires a bellybutton 6,5 inch X-blocks ruler.
 From background fabric, cut: 8 strips, 2 1/4 inch wide
From yellow fabric, cut: 4 strips, 1 1/4 inch wide
From pink fabric, cut: 4 strips, 1 1/4 inch wide
Sew togeteher 2 background fabric strips with 1 yellow strip. Repeat with one pink strip. Cut in 2 1/4 inch blocks as seen in picture above.
Cut the additional yellow and pink strips in 4 1/2 inch strips. 
When assembling the blocks, make sure you line them up well as indicated with the black arrow in the picture above. Make 16 "yellow strip" blocks and 16 "pink strip" blocks.
Use the Skinny X (dotted lines) to place the ruler.
Cut all the "yellow strip" blocks with the ruler RIGHT SIDE UP.
Cut all "pink strip" blocks with the ruler WRONG SIDE UP.
Assemble a block of each type as shown above. Make 16 blocks total.
See front picture for final assembly (Turn every other block upside down to get the pattern).
Attach a border, 3 inch wide. Layer, quilt and add binding.
Makes  a table runner approx 26,5 x 15,5 inch.
If you use this pattern, I would love to see the result. Please leave a comment with a link!

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Gudveig HN said...

Spennende! Dette MÅ jeg prøve når jeg får tid.
Tusen takk for veiledningen/mønsteret :-)