Monday, December 31, 2012

Zippy Strippy New Year

"Zippy Strippy" by Athinson Design (ATK-149), large size (11,5"w x 6"h x 4"d). Moda Marbles fabric (maroon/red) and some black/grey scraps.
A good basic pattern. Make sure you get the stripes on in a correct angle, mine did not an the stripes did not match at the button of the bag.

Frolic Applique Quilt:
"Holly vine" and "Warm Milk" blocks are done. My stichery class helped me so I could also add the stem stiches. I am not happy with the applique yet, keep practicing?

Linn Juvel Baby suit. Need to assemble the pants and have to figure out how to crochet around the neck and arms. Back for the blue hooded jacket is also done.

Happy New Year!

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