Saturday, May 11, 2013

Weekend bag

I am happy to show you my latest finish, a week-end bag. I saw it first at Dollan Design blog, and I started planning it right away. The pattern is from Quiltemagasinet no 3 2012. The pattern is made by Julie Kvamme.
I used some cheap loading straps from the hardware store and wrapped them in fabric for handles. Heavy duty and cheap! (Wash and make sure the straps don't bleed color before using).

It was a little hard to cut and fit the zipper section and the sides of the bags, the instructions were not very detailed here. But I am very happy with the result!


Dollandesign said...

Din Weekend bag är jättefin!
Du har sytt den i så otroligt vackra tyger, tycker jag. Det är så kul att se en sak som man själv sytt, som Du nu valt att sy i andra tyger. Det blir som en helt annan väska men man känner lätt igen modellen.


Anonymous said...

Så flott, Mona!