Sunday, June 8, 2008

Just a little update...

A nice weekend has gone by with wonderful weather. I have done some work in the garden, planted some more plants and replaced bark and fixed a rock wall. I also started to read the book "Kineseren" by Henning Mankell (ISBN-9788205380202). The picture shows the view to where I sit and read.

A litte update om my crafts projects:
Purple Sampler:
It is based on fabrics from "Summer nights and norhern lights" by Holly Taylor for Moda. It is a mix of smaller panels and sample blocks from these fabrics, plus some from my scrap pile. I have earlier made a handbag in these fabrics too, I love purple and green together. Do not know yet how to put it together, but it will come to me...
New York Beauty:
Progress here altso, but this is a very time consuming project. Got to figure out how to use the machine more, and less hand sewing....
Fisherman Knitted Afghan:
This is my third knitted afgan from the same book, see more info in earlier post. It consists of five panels, I am done with three and a half. The weather here in Norway is a little too warm for knitting at the moment. I am already plying with what to start next. Can not get the The Great American Aran Afghan out of my mind. Will probably pick up the pattern and yarn when going to the US in July.

I never feel lonely when blogging.

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