Wednesday, September 8, 2010

More fall feeling!

I love the fall, it is gourgeous!
The spider-web is so visible beacuse of the morning dew.

On the craft side of my life I have finished another baby set with some leftover yarn. I have soon three quilt projects ready for quilting, and have started to knit more hats for the winter season.


Linda said...

What a gorgeous photo of the mushrooms. I've seen illustrations of mushrooms like that, but I don't think that type grows around here.( south Texas, USA)
Fall here is also exciting. I had 15 hummingbirds on my patio yesterday during a tropical storm! They were fighting against the wind to get to the feeders!

Cheryl said...

Can those mushrooms really be real !!?? I have seen story books with them but never real... Wow !
I love fall it's the best time of year !