Sunday, March 15, 2015

Pot holders

Another set of double pot holders in Tunisian crochet is done. The pattern is from the book "Hekling og Hakking til kjøkkenet" by Tove Fevang. Yarn used was Schacenmayr Cotton Time (red 0030), and puppets Lyric  cream 05002. This a pattern I use often, everybody wants a set!
I have also a few pictures from a trip south; Grimstad, Norway last weekend.
Hombursund light house
Snowbells- sign of spring


Kim said...

Your tunisan crochet is lovely, Mona. Love the snowbells against that glorious rock wall and amazing tree!

Janine said...

Your crochet is lovely - too nice to use as potholders really. And the snowbells are beautiful :)

Craftycreate said...

Love the crochet pot holders and colours. And the snowbells pretty.

Jayne said...

Oh, they are lovely! I can see why everybody would want some.

Catherine said...

The pot holders are just what I need. I had a few words with my husband for using a hand towel to get the roast out of the oven at the weekend and staining it. He said we needed oven gloves but I prefer pot holders. How does Tunisian crochet differ from ordinary crochet? No, better not tell me, I'll only start off with another project.